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The Perfect Balance Of Fun Elegance On Your Special Day

    You’ve spent months maybe even years planning for this very moment. The countless days and hours putting every little detail in its place and before you know it the moment is here, It’s your day to shine and you want to know you have the right DJ at the helm to keep things flowing. Do you want to watch your guests get involved? Do you want to watch the dance floor fill with excitement? This type of energy doesn’t just happen it’s carefully created by knowing what to play, when to play it and how to keep everyone involved.


     Along with fun, romance and elegance are vital components to the perfect wedding and reception. Our reception entertainment packages are custom designed to meet your specific wants and needs. You may already know exactly how you want your ceremony or reception to be or you may need your DJ to assist in designing your complete itinerary with you. Either way we will work with you to custom design your entire entertainment experience to be everything you wanted and more!


    Another very important component is the ceremony. We can also provide microphones as needed as well as all music for your ceremony. As with your reception you can also have as much creative input on the ceremony as well. This goes for all seating music, processional and recessional. You may also need songs played for exchanging of vows, sand ceremony or any number of other ceremonial aspects that are special to you. Microphones can also be supplied for those who may be singing or playing instruments.


    We are available to guide you through the process of fine tuning all the details of your ceremony as well as the reception and don’t forget the sendoff! A one on one meeting is always a must in finalizing all details to ensure everything is just the way you want it!  

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